Rutgers Capstone & Hackathon Projects

  • HackRU2019

    HackRU2018 Web Responsive Layout (Still in Progress) In this project, my team and I build a static destination website. They created the blueprint, used photoshop software, and I did the implementation. For this project, it took us at least 18 hours to make this program functional. This is not a finished product and there are still more improvements that need to be done for this project. See project (MLH) HackRU 2018 project

  • HackRU2019

    Scheduling Algorithms Simulation In my Operating System Course we have to write a program that will stimulate First Come First Serve(FCFC), Shortest Job First(SJF), shortest remaining time next(SRTnext), and Round Robin(with quantum = 4 milliseconds) scheduling algorithms.

    Program Task: For each algorithm, the program should compute waiting time and turn around time of every job as well as the average waiting time and average turn around time. I used the following data below to test my program. Considering the context switching time is 0.

    Process: P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 | Arrival: 0 3 5 9 10 11 | Time CPU Burst (in milliseconds): 6 2 1 7 4 3

    In part B, used the program above and change the context switching time to 0.4 milliseconds. Compared outputs from both runs and showed(print) a message below which algorithm would be the better policy for the given process mix.