Felix Andrew Labitoria Sapalaran

Felix Andrew L . Sapalaran

Cell: (973)-985-5214

Web: https://www.felixsapalaran.com/

Email: felixandrewsapalaran@gmail.com

I am a reserved but ambitious young professional seeking a career that fits my professional skills and personality. I aspire toward a career that will allow me to channel my creativity through crafting beautiful WebApps.


Rutgers University

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics


Programming Languages

JavaScript, Java, Python, Swift, C++, C, MySQL, PHP


jQuery, Angular, React


Peer Tutor (Mathematics)UCC 2016 – 2017

  • worked closely with many students at the same time, lots of multitasking abilities were acquired.
  • Explained general concepts of math appropriate to student's course.
  • Provided problem-solving and test-taking strategies.
Read books, Skate boarding, Exercise, learning new programming language, Building more projects

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Software Developer